HIPAA compliance prepares you for EVV

Dear providers,

It’s important for you to know that HIPAA compliance covers the cybersecurity measures necessary for EVV.  That information is straight from an email issued by ANCOR, which cites the EVV legislation as its source, along with Tim Hill, the Director of CMCS.

Last year, as a service to our members, OPRA partnered with MyHIPAA Guide to spearhead the development of a HIPAA compliance program for the residential sector.  This is the only program of its kind available for residential providers.

The program includes all the materials you need for compliance, plus an option for unlimited phone and email consultation to help you through the process of protecting of private health information.

With EVV right around the corner, we are offering a $100 discount off the price of an annual subscription with the coupon code:  OPRA2018.

Go to hipaa.opra.org to subscribe.