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Protect privacy and security within your group.
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The best defense against privacy and security breaches is a proactive offense. Within your organization, staff members play a critical role in protecting private information. But first: Staff must know what to do. 

 Our 40-minute, on-demand course prepares staff to be on the look our for suspicious activity, such as a malicious email or attachment meant to provide bad actors with a back-door entry into an IT system.  Importantly, this course also fulfills privacy and security training requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

And, if you’re wondering who exactly must be trained, the answer is all staff with potential access to private information. This is a great way to meet regulatory requirements — and importantly, truly elevate the competency of staff to protect privacy, as well as the reputation of your organization. 

The really good news:  The training is easy to access.  Any time you have a new hire, just select “Groups Dashboard” from the menu, and simply add the name and email address of someone new who needs the training.


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