Watch those laptops!

By Diane Evans,

Publisher, MyHIPAA Guide

A recent study of healthcare by the Clearwater CyberIntelligence Institute (CCI) points to laptops as a major threat to privacy and security breaches within health-related organizations. And yes, that includes I/DD providers.

It’s no surprise. Because they are portable, laptops can easily be lost or stolen — often causing a breach of privacy. In some cases — including within the I/DD sector — the devices can be accessed remotely and used to access private health information.

Residential providers, be extremely cautious in the use of laptops within your agencies. First, know where all these devices are, and where they are stored and to where they may be transported.

Then get a good understanding of any private information — including names of residents — that may end up on these devices. Think about emails, downloads and the like. Then figure out a plan for reducing risks to the best of your ability.

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